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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today: Saturn Retrograde ...

Saturn Retrograde @ 12 degrees Scorpio (the right pan of the scales) and will go to 8 degrees Scorpio (before it stations direct) .... The Outer Planets go retrograde for five months ...

Note Saturn is still part of the masculine triangle of Arcturus and Spica. I finally saw the constellation Bootes in all it's glory and splendor. This constellation was the most massive I've seen because Bootes seemed to take up the whole sky. I had to do a yoga pose to see the whole thing. He's like the captain sitting on a throne or rocking chair.

It is the 12th day (a time to define) of the Aquarius/Fishes New Moon Cycle and tomorrow is the 13th day hence beginning the fourth cut in the golden sequence; a time to reflect and select. The next golden division is at day 21; a time to refine. Then, at day 26 (another golden cut) ... the sunrise crescent moon and dakini wisdom download into our bodies as she completes her sequence...and goes dark or new and resurfaces at the sunset crescent ...

Mercury also goes retrograde from February 23 to March 17, 2013 in Pisces ( the realm of the collective unconscious! ). Mercury will be traveling back and forth through Pisces along with the Sun, Venus, Neptune, and Mars, checking in with our sense of purpose, our heart-connections, our spiritual vision, and our collective desires.

Pisces asks us to trust in Spirit and let go of our boundaries so we can connect with others on a heart level. Mercury in Pisces also gets us in touch with the old archetypal stories which can help us in these confusing and chaotic times. What stories inspire you to live your values? Which stories inspire you to take up your personal destiny?

Mercury goes retrograde 3 times a year and when you add in the shadow periods before and after the true retrograde (when Mercury travels over the degrees of the retrograde forward, backward and forward again), it adds up to about 2 months each time or almost 6 months of the year. It seems the cosmos want us to learn to think before we make up our minds!

Mercury is considered the planet of communication, travel, business and the Mind. When Mercury goes retrograde, these aspects of life are affected.

Mercury has a message for you. Mercury is also the Trickster who trips you up when you’re off-course. So pay attention to what comes up during the 2 weeks before Mercury goes retrograde and you’ll know what you have to reconsider during its retrograde. The Greek version of Mercury is Hermes and the Egyptian "Thoth" or thought, intelligence. Are your thoughts your own?

The highways and byways we are led down during Mercury retrograde might be Hermes leading your soul to its next appointment with destiny. Mercury tells us what we need to review, redo, revisit, and re-vision. Its retrograde phase is also a great time to slow down and remember to breathe. Learn to listen—to yourself, to each other and to Nature. You’ll find that once you go deeper into the unconscious realms, you’ll pick up information in different ways than you usually do. That’s because you’ll be more attuned to your feminine, feeling, negative, creative, and magnetic right brain.

Jupiter is now beginning to progress more and more after it's retrograde cycle and for a New York minute, none of the planets were retrograde. With Jupiter in Gemini, we need to expand our perceptions, deepen our thinking and discern what information is important and what isn’t.

It’s interesting that Mercury retrogrades through all three water signs this year: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. It seems to be a year when we get to develop our emotional intelligence.

Saturn in Scorpio’s focus is on facing our dark or shadow side so we can undergo emotional renewal. The scorpion is out in the night sky and yesterday I thought I saw several scorpions. Note the most recent coul research blog here...

Our celestial messenger can help us name our hidden emotions and turn them into feelings, so we can judge whether or not they make our lives fruitful or continue to frustrate and wound us. A healing of our individual emotional body will contribute to healing the wounds our culture has created in the collective unconscious of humanity. Mercury and the proper use of the Mind can give us the insights we need to change ourselves and our world. Note so called "hidden emotions" manifest in tense muscles, and the like.

The Virgo Full Moon occurs on Monday, February 25, 2013. The last full moon was in Leo so it's one sign further along the wheel of tropical astrology.

At Full Moon, the Sun and Moon stand in opposition to each other on either side of the Earth; they contemplate each other as they engage in their Earth dance, all three cycling in complex patterns of relationship. Soli-lunar opposition can create obstruction or disagreement because an opposition is not a harmonious sextile 60 degree angle or benefic trine 120 degree angle. It is a 180 degree angle and similar to a square 90 degree angle. If a right triangle is 45 degrees, does that mean it is closer to a harmonious angle since it is only 15 degrees away from a benefic angle? Plus, that is a sign and a half and closer to a mytho-poetic symbol or archetypal image; I and therefore coul astrology is interested in.

When we bring the Goddess back into the equation, we begin to see that opposition entails balancing, reflecting, and incorporating—with the end result being the transformation of light into conscious awareness. Full Moons are the part of the cosmic dance when things become clear—or they turn into drama, another form of definition created by unconscious acting-out. The truth is Full Moons can indicate the dance of true partnership, where each side is seen and valued. But you have to let yourself be seen; you have to take on the Sun’s light and let the Moon speak to you of what it wants to create. Then your purpose becomes manifesting the vision.

We are being called to birth the brightest truths of our spiritual essence.

When the Sun lights up Pisces, we step into the Unseen Realities of the Cosmos. The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces symbolizes the soul’s return to our Source as well as its immersion in the collective unconscious. To swim in the watery depths of life demands that we trust; trust gives birth to renewal. At the moment, Pisces is full of diverse energies—the Sun’s search for purpose, Neptune’s spiritual vision, Mars’ desire to stand for the Light, Mercury’s dreaming Mind and soon after this Full Moon, Venus’ compassionate Love and Wisdom. (Not to mention the inverse of all these energies) ... You may not want to search for Mahakali, Matangi, Kurukulla, and thee Dakinis on Coul Research.

It is the Moon who does the incarnating, just as the mother gives birth to the child. This Virgo Full Moon helps us become aware of what our soul is here on Earth to incarnate. We’ve been at this for a while now. Do you recognize what it is you’re called to do? The first step is to become conscious, to Know Yourself! Just that is a big step.

Each sign manifests in different ways depending on whether it is the Moon or the Sun in a sign. While the Sun signifies our identity and life purpose, the Moon symbolizes how we’re attuned to the world, how we take in nourishment and what we hunger for. This Virgo Moon wants to be the vehicle and servant of the Pisces Sun’s message.

Saturn in Retrograde demands restructure.

Saturn the Taskmaster has stationed retrograde today, which will give the illusion of shifting in reverse. And as in the cosmos, where we thought we may have been producing and moving forward, our efforts will come to a strong halt. As above, So below goes thee optimistic gnostic cliche.

So what we may have presumed to be an effort to strengthen our work, career, finances, reputation, and investments… comes to a pause.

Decisions that we have already chosen, created this very moment – including the decisions that we chose to ignore. Remember transmigration and thee silver gate ?

Saturn retrograde will evenly distribute heavenly treasures in which we can learn from, by putting our reality right infront of our face. And now that the Sun has entered Pisces today, some may choose to close their eyes, and see what they want to see. Whether people want to admit it, it is a blessed gift to come face to face with our music. Do you face the music?

Plus Saturn enjoys it tough and hard, because restrictions teach us limitations, which teach us how to grow by using our own strength. Quite like the delicate dandelion, that learns how to use its super-power strength and push itself through the cement! Face the music, and embrace what you’ve created – whether good, or not so good – to LEARN from.

Saturn needs to know that you are learning. During this period of the Saturn retrograde, time stands still for us, which is an opportunity to learn about what we are creating on the outside – because of who we are on the inside.

‘And if you fall, stand tall and come back for more’. Tupac ...

In order to establish credit and status for ourselves, we must learn how to grow up, straight and tall. With Saturn in Scorpio, challenges will force us to face some real emotional truths that exist inside of us. Scorpio houses major shifts for transformations, power, and healings.

As Mercury retrogrades this weekend, open the mind for new ways to solve old problems. If utilized correctly, our inner resources and foundation can be RE-built so that we may RE-design a new blueprint of our future, but it will require us to be practical and completely realistic. But the more that we RE-structure a newer image of ourself, the more real our fears and weaknesses become. Only in this darkness, lies the key to true potential. To understand this, one must walk through the darkness. When you do, Saturn will generously reward your courage and hard work with growth and success… or.... to keep you good and strong....

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